Is Your Home Threatened by the Son of CodeNEXT? Check Our Updated Map to Find Out

Nicknamed “Son of CodeNEXT” by the local media, the City of Austin’s latest land-redevelopment scheme threatens virtually every neighborhood in our community. In June, we released this map showing areas of the city (“transition” zones) where local officials plan to forcibly rezone homes later this year, an attempt to “densify” Austin’s neighborhoods. That rezoning will […]

If You Opposed CodeNEXT, You’d Better Watch Out: City Hall Says It’s “Moving Past” You

Last year, the members of Austin’s land-development industry were stunned when everyday Austinites rose up and forced the withdrawal of CodeNEXT, a rezoning plan that would have worsened our community’s affordability crisis and displaced scores of families from their homes. It was a temporary setback for those land developers, not a knockout blow. This May, […]

In Newly Discovered Emails, Austin Officials Admit There’s No Public Mandate for Denser Housing

Austin Mayor Steve Adler insists local residents are demanding denser housing, but some of City Hall’s most senior officials think he’s wrong. After the narrow defeat of Proposition J last November, Adler declared there was “no doubt” that voters wanted to make sweeping changes to the local land code—changes like those proposed by CodeNEXT, which […]