How to Protect Property From the Next CodeNEXT

Community Not Commodity

  By now, you’ve probably heard the City of Austin is raising CodeNEXT from the dead—but did you know you have the power to fight back? Section 211.006(d) of the Texas Local Government Code gives you the right to protest zoning changes affecting your property and properties located nearby. Community Not Commodity launched to […]

Mayor Adler Calls Gentrification “a Good Thing” as Displacement in Austin Reaches Record Levels

Austin is in the middle of a full-blown displacement crisis. The number of local residents pushed out of their homes by wealthy newcomers and gentrification has skyrocketed over the past 20 years, and City Hall’s controversial “Son of CodeNEXT” rezoning proposal will only accelerate the trend. Low-income residents of color have been the hardest-hit. Austin […]

Q&A with “Zoned Out” Director Steve Mims

Community Not Commodity

  Directed by Austin filmmaker Steve Mims, Zoned Out: The Legacy of CodeNEXT is an independently funded investigative documentary focusing on the City of Austin’s repeated attempts to rezone our community’s established neighborhoods. It takes a hard look at the economic and political forces that fueled the failed CodeNEXT plan and that pushed for its […]