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Adler and His Allies Grant Preliminary Approval of the Next CodeNEXT, Further Dividing Austin

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Last Saturday, more than 700 local residents attended the Austin City Council’s only public hearing on the next CodeNEXT. Nearly 70 percent opposed it. Mayor Steve Adler and his acolytes clearly didn’t get the message. On Wednesday evening, they pushed through a preliminary approval of the city’s controversial, 1,366-page rezoning plan after a three-day marathon […]

More Than 700 People Came to City Hall’s Only Hearing on the Next CodeNEXT. Nearly 70% Opposed It

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  When it comes to the City of Austin’s controversial rezoning plan, Mayor Steve Adler is doing everything in his power to diminish this community’s voice. The 1,366-page plan will rezone every residential property, impact every neighborhood, and affect every person living in Austin—but Adler limited public input to a single hearing this past Saturday, […]

If You Don’t Want Your Home Rezoned, the Mayor Will Listen to You for Two Minutes This Saturday

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Do you live in Austin? If the answer is yes, then local officials are getting ready to rezone your home without providing you with legally adequate notice. If that sounds outrageous, just wait. The City of Austin’s controversial plan will rezone every residential property, remake every neighborhood, and impact every person living in our community—but […]