Our Vision

Community Not Commodity envisions a diverse Austin with neighborhood-based planning, effective anti-displacement programs, and respect for current residents’ property and neighborhoods.

Our Mission

Community Not Commodity has built a strong, diverse coalition across Austin to promote land development policies that benefit all of the city’s residents. We support bottom-up planning, strong anti-displacement programs, and  a community-led, consensus-driven land development code that will accommodate growth and provide for true affordability. We inform the public on these issues and engage them in the governing process. We also develop strategies and provide resources to our coalition to address these concerns.

Board of Directors

  • Frances Acuña
  • Ana Aguirre
  • Amanda Boyd
  • Bill Bunch
  • Michael Curry
  • Melonie Dixon
  • Marc Duchen
  • Jim Duncan
  • P. Michael Hebert
  • Mary Ingle
  • Pat King
  • Fred Lewis
  • Barbara McArthur
  • Dr. Fred L. McGhee
  • Megan Meisenbach
  • Maureen Metteaur

Community Not Commodity is a dba of Save Our City Austin, Inc., a Texas nonprofit corporation.