Nicknamed “Son of CodeNEXT” by the local media, the City of Austin’s latest land-redevelopment scheme threatens virtually every neighborhood in our community.

In June, we released this map showing areas of the city (“transition” zones) where local officials plan to forcibly rezone homes later this year, an attempt to “densify” Austin’s neighborhoods. That rezoning will encourage the development of larger, multi-unit buildings, end single-family zoning, turn streets into parking lots, push our property taxes even higher, and worsen our affordability crisis.

The Son of CodeNEXT targets established neighborhoods along most of Austin’s major streets, but City Hall isn’t stopping there. It is also calling for the rezoning of homes near dozens of “activity centers,” a term used for certain commercial districts and other high-traffic areas. They include the “Y” at Oak Hill, wide zones off Jollyville Road and McNeil Drive, and more. We’ve updated our map to show each of them.

Click here to see if your property is at risk!

We are now at work incorporating new mapping parameters that the Austin City Council discussed on August 28, 2019. We’ll release another update to our map as soon as possible.

In the meantime, contact Mayor Steve Adler and your city council member today if your home is one of the map’s red or orange areas. (Click here if you aren’t sure which council member represents you.) Tell them to withdraw the Son of CodeNEXT because it threatens you, your property, and the entire community. Then sign our petition to stop the plan, and share this post with your friends and neighborhood listserv.

Together we can build an Austin for everyone!

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