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Do Austin’s “New Urbanists” Have an Answer for Displacement?

Fred Lewis

Earlier this week, Community Not Commodity launched electronically a petition demanding that the Austin City Council take strong action to stop the displacement of local residents before enacting CodeNEXT. Displacement is a citywide problem, but it is most pronounced in East Austin, where luxury developments are pushing out families that have lived there for generations. […]

How Will CodeNEXT Impact Your Neighborhood?

Fred Lewis

A Community, Not a Commodity



February 17, 2017 by Fred Lewis

“CodeNEXT” is the name given by the City of Austin to the ongoing total rewrite of the City’s land use and building rules, known as the Land Development Code. It will rezone every parcel of land in the city, including allowing uses not previously allowed in many neighborhoods. It will address what can be built, where it can be built, how much can be built, and how it can be used. Our concern, which should be yours, is that the new code not change what Mayor Adler calls the soul and spirit of Austin. ( … read more)