• On July 20, the Austin City Council plans to consider a controversial resolution to convert single-family zoning into multi-family zoning
  • Also On July 20, the Austin City Council plans to consider a controversial resolution to limit public participation in its meetings by changing the rules, and a resolution to reduce public notification
  • Austin residents who oppose the conversion of single-family to multifamily all over the city and who care about democracy and transparency should plan to attend the July 20 meeting and contact council members (See how to sign-up below)

Last week we told you about the council resolution to convert most single-family zoning to multi-family by reducing lot sizes to 2500 square feet or less and allowing three units on every small lot.   Read more details here and here.  They also will consider a controversial move to limit public participation in its meetings and reduce notification of land use changes. Mark your calendars, prepare to attend the meeting, and reach out to council members!

The   “elimination of single-family zoning” resolution (Item 126) asks the city manager to prepare Land Use Code amendments to “streamline site development regulations for single-family zoning districts that will allow up to three dwelling units on smaller lots that are created by subdividing a single-family lot.”  The resolution proposes allowing subdivision of existing single-family lots into parcels of 2,500 square feet (or less).  To facilitate the transformation, the staff is further directed to “adjust” setback, height, impervious cover, floor-to-area ratio, site area, and building coverage requirements.

The ”democracy reduction” resolution is  Item 92 on the council’s July 20th agenda.   It immediately changes the rules for public participation, as shown in this redlined document.     It makes changes permanent that were adopted during the pandemic and which are not consistent with the long-standing procedures for public participation.

The “anti-transparency” resolution (Item 124) seeks to reduce notification requirements for Land Development Code changes from 500 feet to 250 feet to “reduce the cost and waste of mailings in planning and development notification” and reduce the cost to developers, who pay for the notice.   The staff report shows there would be a significant decrease in notification.

How do you sign up to speak remotely or in person? Monday morning at 10:00 a.m., a link will appear on the website page for the July 20th Meeting that looks like this (this is from the June 8th meeting):

When you click this link after 10 AM Monday, it will take you to a page that explains the process.   Have the agenda item numbers (above) handy that you want to comment on.  You can sign up to speak in person or remotely (they will call your phone).

You can also go directly to this link which opens at 10 AM Monday:

You can also Register using the kiosks at City Hall (301 West 2nd Street) if you wish to speak in person only:

If you can’t attend the meeting, contact council members using the information below and tell them the following:

“I oppose Council Member Pool’s resolution converting single-family zoning into multi-family zoning. It is not what the community wants, and it will displace families and destabilize long-standing neighborhoods. This widespread change is simply the deregulation of our communities. We do not want our input at Council Meetings and our Notifications about changes reduced”.

Together we can build an Austin for everyone!

Mayor Kirk Watson: | 512-978-2100

Natasha Harper-Madison (District 1): | 512-978-2101

Vanessa Fuentes (District 2): | 512-978-2102

José Velásquez (District 3): | 512-978-2103

José “Chito” Vela (District 4): | 512-978-2104

Ryan Alter (District 5): | 512-978-2105

Mackenzie Kelly (District 6): | 512-978-2106

Leslie Pool (District 7): | 512-978-2107

Paige Ellis (District 8): | 512-978-2108

Zohaib “Zo” Qadri (District 9): | 512-978-2109

Alison Alter (District 10): | 512-978-2110

You may send a single email to the mayor and all council members using this form.