acuna austin plaintiffs


  • The Austin residents who won the landmark Acuña litigation have filed a new legal action against City Hall
  • The plaintiffs argue that city officials repeatedly violated the court’s order by passing several rezoning ordinances over the course of 2022
  • Community Not Commodity needs to raise $25,000 to help cover the plaintiffs’ initial legal expenses

On Monday, March 6, the plaintiffs who won the landmark litigation Acuña, et al. v. City of Austin, et al. filed a new legal action against City Hall.

This week’s legal action argues that Austin’s prior mayor, council members, and city manager repeatedly violated Travis County District Judge Jan Soifer’s order over the course of 2022, when they passed several rezoning ordinances without notifying the owners of tens of thousands of affected properties.

The plaintiffs seek to void City Hall’s 2022 ordinances related to:

The plaintiffs are represented in this matter by Gray Becker, the same law firm that won the first case and its appeal.

For more information see this news release distributed by Gray Becker.

We are confident the Acuña plaintiffs can win again, but not without your continued financial support. Community Not Commodity needs to raise $25,000 to help cover their initial legal expenses, hold the City of Austin accountable, and protect your property. Please consider supporting our legal fund today!