On Tuesday, April 13, the Texas House’s Land and Resource Management Committee will hear HB 2989, otherwise known as the CodeNEXT bailout bill. We need you to call or sign up against this bill!

HB 2989 would allow the City of Austin to overturn last year’s court decision and decimate your property rights. City Hall could move forward on its controversial CodeNEXT rezoning plan without providing property owners notice of proposed zoning changes or protest rights in most situations.

Here’s how you can take action between now and Tuesday:

Call Committee Chair Joe Deshotel (D-Beaumont) at 512-463-0662 and Vice-Chair Ben Leman (R-Brenham) at 512-463-0600. Tell them you oppose HB 2989 because it strips you of your right to protest the rezoning of your property, and because it will worsen Austin’s affordability crisis. Then visit this page and provide the committee with the same comments electronically. Make it clear that you oppose HB 2989.

Here’s how you can take action on Tuesday, April 13:

If possible, go to the Texas State Capitol early in the day, sign up at a testimony kiosk inside, and register your opposition to HB 2989. Please make sure to follow the COVID-19 protocols for Capitol visitors. Testimony is limited, but signing up in opposition is very effective. You can then leave the Capitol without waiting for the hearing to begin, which could be any time after 8:00 AM.

If you choose to testify in person, here is information that could be helpful to you:

  • If HB 2989 passes, the City of Austin and other municipalities will be allowed to rezone all of a community’s residential and commercial properties without providing owners with notice or giving them an opportunity to file protest petitions
  • If HB 2989 passes, the City of Austin and other municipalities will be allowed to change the definition of single-family zoning to include 4-6 units on every single-family lot, without providing property owners with notice
  • If HB 2989 passes, Austin’s property taxes will skyrocket and its affordability crisis will worsen

Finally, please consider making a donation to Community Not Commodity today, so that we can continue to fight the City of Austin’s CodeNEXT bailout and protect your property rights!

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