Last year, Travis County District Judge Jan Soifer ruled that City of Austin officials broke the law when they attempted to rezone our community without recognizing thousands of protests filed by local property owners.

Now City Hall is asking the Texas Legislature to pass a pair of bills to bail it out.

Filed earlier this month, SB 1120 and HB 2989 would allow the city to overturn last year’s legal decision and decimate your property rights. They would also allow the city to move forward on its controversial CodeNEXT rezoning plan without legal protections provided under current state law.

These bills would strip property owners of the right to receive notice of proposed zoning changes and the right to protest them in most situations. These rights have been enshrined in state law for generations, but the City of Austin essentially wants to eliminate them.

Here’s what will happen if state lawmakers pass SB 1120 and HB 2989:

  • The City of Austin and other municipalities will be allowed to rezone all of a community’s residential and commercial properties without providing owners with notice or giving them an opportunity to file protest petitions
  • The City of Austin and other municipalities will be allowed to change the definition of single-family zoning to include 4-6 units on every single-family lot, without providing property owners with notice
  • Property taxes will skyrocket, and Austin’s affordability crisis will worsen

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