If You Opposed CodeNEXT, You’d Better Watch Out: City Hall Says It’s “Moving Past” You

Last year, the members of Austin’s land-development industry were stunned when everyday Austinites rose up and forced the withdrawal of CodeNEXT, a rezoning plan that would have worsened our community’s affordability crisis and displaced scores of families from their homes.

It was a temporary setback for those land developers, not a knockout blow. This May, our city council presented them with the framework for a new version of CodeNEXT, one that threatens to do even more damage to the fabric of Austin’s neighborhoods than its predecessor. Christened “Son of CodeNEXT” by the local media, the plan could go before council members for a vote later this year.

Here’s what will happen if it passes:

  • Thousands of homeowners in the city’s so-called “transition” zones will have their properties rezoned against their will and without notice (check this map to see if your home is threatened)
  • Property taxes in and near the transition zones will soar, leading to the displacement of current residents and demolition of their homes
  • Demolished homes within the transition zones must be replaced with multi-unit developments, many of which will be designed for wealthy singles
  • New buildings within the transition zones may be as high as 65 feet

The plan’s supporters are riding a wave of media coverage suggesting that gentrification is good. Mayor Steve Adler is one of them, and earlier this summer he told The Austin Chronicle that the city is now “moving past” CodeNEXT’s opponents.

Don’t let the mayor, council members, and their land-developer allies move past you! Sign our petition to stop the Son of CodeNEXT and then share this post with your friends and neighborhood listserv. Then, please consider donating to our effort, so we can help keep Austinites informed.

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